Direct Message


We can write (almost) anywhere. For some ideas and inspiration, make sure you take a look at our ideas page over here.
The first step is to choose the colour that you want us to write your message, there are several to pick from.

* Discrete delivery in our serviceable area & complete satisfaction guaranteed or your money back


Detailed information

Choose to have your message written on the ground using up to 100 letters, numbers or punctuation, choosing from 10 beautifully bright colours. Your message could be for proposals, poetry or polemic, it could be to commemorate births, deaths or adages, even funerals, festivals, friendly banter or freak-outs.

All we ask is that you don’t swear or incite hatred. Be nice, be funny, be naughty. Censorship of expletives can be expected, with certain words removed or the order will be cancelled if deemed too offensive. Please imply something kind, remember that kids too might see your message.


Fair enough – there is something you don’t understand and hopefully it’s answered below. If not, send us an email from this page over here and we can help you with your enquiry.

  • Can I have my message written on a wall?
  • No. We only apply your custom message to a public highway, accessible 24 hours a day in our serviceable area.
  • I’m in a mad rush, could you get it painted tomorrow?
  • Our normal lead time is three days, when you make a booking for the latest possible date that you wish your message to appear. Your booking will be limited to 72 hours after the time you made the booking, not before.
  • I have more than one message to send, can I order them both in one order?
  • This section is devoted to the word ‘no’. Each order only allows one Direct Message due to the current billing system. You can, if you wish, buy as many Recorded Messages that you can afford.
  • How do I know it is legal to write my message where I choose it?
  • You will need to confirm what you know of the ownership, as there may be a need to remove the message before getting chance to complete.
  • Can I get arrested for booking a text message?
  • No – it is a lawful requirement for us to cleanse any markings within 48 hours of notification, unless the rain and/or traffic has worn it away already.
  • Can I use a combination of colours?
  • No – only one tin can be used within our current, safe guidelines for deployment of messages in a public space.
  • Can I book a message in _______, which is outside your serviceable area?
  • In a word – no. For an up to date area review, please send us an email.